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Editoriali: La Playlist di Kathodik per il 2017
Contributed by Anonymous on Sunday, 04 March @ 12:58:12 CET
Topic: Il Rigattiere
a cura di
Marco Paolucci
La Playlist dei redattori di Kathodik per il 2017

Playlist 2017 Marco Paolucci

La mia Top List per il 2017

1. 1. Wolf Alice 'Visions Of A Life'
2. 2. King Krule 'The OOZ'
3. Sparks 'Hippopotamus'
4. Angèle David-Guillou 'En Mouvement'
5. Kendrick Lamar 'Damn'
6. Nad Spiro 'Sirius Signal'
7. Slowdive 'Slowdive'
8. Thundercat 'Drunk'
9. Liam Gallagher 'As you Were'
10. Valerie June 'The Order of Time'

Playlist 2017 Alessandro Bertinetto

Top list 2017 (molto improvvisata...)

John Gibson ‘Traces’
BussottiOperaBallett – Sylvano Bussotti ‘Calendario II’
Kamasi Washington ‘Harmony of Difference’
Difondo ‘Sampler and Zither’
Dave Rempis ‘Lattice’
Martin Archer, Graham Clark, Stephen Grew, Johnny Hunter ‘Felicity’s Ultimatum'
Toni Cattano ‘Naca’
Martin Archer ‘Story Tellers 9’
David Brooks ‘Early Musings. New Music for Strings’ 9
Ross Feller ‘X/Winds

Playlist 2017 Filippo Focosi

(autore/esecutore – titolo album – etichetta; in ordine sparso)

Musica classica del XX e XXI secolo
P. Garland, L. Ballard, et al./Emanuele Arciuli – Walk in Beauty – Innova
M. Weinberg/ Kremerata Baltica – Chamber Symphonies – ECM
Leo Ornstein/ F.Parrino, M.Renier – Complete Violin Sonatas – Brilliant
Arvo Part/Alea Saxophone Quartet – Anima ‒ Collegno
Tigran Mansurian/ Musica Viva Moscow – Songs and Instrumental Music – Brilliant
Graham Fitkin/ Sacconi Quartet – String Quartets – Signum
A.Bax, F.Delius/ The Carice Singers – Choral Works – Naxos
T.Riley, S.Scodanibbio/Del Sol Quartet, G.Riley – Dark Queen Mantra – Dorian Sono Luminus
Mario Pilati/ F.Manara, L.Signorini, D.Candela – Chamber Music – Brilliant
Sentieri Selvaggi – Le sette stelle – DG
Stanley Grill/ Diderot String Quartet ‒ At The Center of All Things ‒ Innova
Steve Rouse ‒ Morphic Resonance ‒ Ravello

Altre musiche: jazz, world, pop, elettronica, sperimentale
Gong Linna with Bang on a Can – Cloud River Mountain ‒ Cantaloupe
New Landscapes – Rumors – Caligola Records
Mestrovic, Dedic, Toker ‒ 4 Seasons for 3 Pianos ‒ Navona
FitkinBand with Melanie Pappenheim– Veener - GFR
Francesco Venerucci feat. Dave Liebman – Early Afternoon – Dodicilune
Caterina Barbieri – Patterns of Consciousness ‒ Important Records
Zeitkratzer – Songs from Kratwerk and Kraftwerk 2 – zkr
Francesco Scaramuzzino Trio – The Flowing – Picanto Records
W.Vitale, B.Baumbusch/The Lightbulb Ensemble – Mikrokosma ‒ NewWorldRecords
Tigran Hamasyan – An Ancient Observer – Nonesuch
Camille – Oui – Nonesuch
Sad Lovers and Giants ‒ Where the Light Shines Through ‒ Cherry Red

Playlist 2017 Luciano Feliciani

Gerald Finzi ‘Clarinet Concerto’ (and other compositions), Naxos
Ola Gjeilo ‘Ola Gjeilo, Voices Piano, Strings’, Decca
Emanuele Arciuli ‘Walk in Beauty’, Innova Recording
Randall Thompson ‘Symphonies Nos. 1,2 & 3’ Koch International Classics
Mackey, Welcher, Grantham, Ticheli ‘Wine Dark Sea’ Reference Recordings
Jón Leifs ‘Hekla And Other Orchestral Works’, BIS
Jón Leifs ‘The Three String Quartets’ BIS
Lili Boulanger, Nadia Boulanger ‘In Memoriam Lili Boulanger’, Marco Polo
Pärt, Górecki, and others ‘20th Century Choral Masterpieces’, Deutsche Grammophon
Jóhann Jóhannsson, ‘Orphée’, Deutsche Grammophon

Playlist Marco Fiori 2017

(in ordine sparso, senza classifiche di de-merito o ordini cronologici)

1. Giorgio Poi, Tubature;
2. Bobby Joe Long's Friendship Party, Vojo sona' l'arpa come Nerone mentre tutto brucia ;
3. Ray Lovelock, Maggie;
4. Sparks, Hippopotamus;
5. Wire, Short Elevated Period;
6. The New Pornographers, War On The East Coast;
7. Alvvays, Dreams Tonite;
8. IZI feat. Sfera Ebbasta, Tutto apposto;
9. Porches, Find Me;
10. YusYus, Just a Dream;
11. HANTE, Benvenue En Enfer.


1. Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale, di Vittorio Caprioli;
2. The Canyons , di Paul Schrader;
3. Nico, 1988 di Susanna Nicchiarelli;

Playlist Stefano Marino 2017


Alien Covenant
Blade runner 2049
Cars 3
La La Land
Life - Non oltrepassare il limite
L'uomo di neve


Afghan Whigs, In spades
Broken social scene, Hug of thunder
King Crimson, Live in Chicago
Queens of the stone age, Villains
War on drugs, A deep understanding
T. Berne's Snakeoil, Incidentals
V. Iyer, Far from over
C. Taborn, Daylight ghosts
C. Potter, The dreamer is the dream
C. Thile & B. Mehldau, Thile & Mehldau

Playlist Stefano Oliva 2017

1. Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer Yo-Yo Ma: ‘Bach Trios‘
2. John Abercrombie Quartet, ‘Up and Coming’
3. Gregory Porter, ‘Nat King Cole & Me’
4. L’Arpeggiata, ‘Händel goes wild’
5. Angèle David-Guillou ‘En mouvement’
6. Lina Mezzacappa, ‘AvantNoir’
7. Bob Dylan, ‘Triplicate’
8. Bravold/Saft, ‘Serenity Knolls’
9. I Bassifondi, ‘Alfabeto falso’
10. Baustelle, ‘L’amore e la violenza’

Playlist 2017 Marco Carcasi

Indicazioni non richieste offerte con stridente insistenza.
Il dove e il perché lascia stare.

Simon Balestrazzi 'Early Recordings (1979-1982)' / Alessandra Novaga 'Fassbinder Wunderkammer' / Patrizia Oliva 'Numen - Life Of Elitra Lipozi' / Those Lone Vamps 'In Wheatfield' / King Ayisoba '1000 Can Die' / Kym Myhr / Lasse Marhaug 'On The Silver Globe' / Paul Beauchamp 'Grey Mornings' / Andreas Oskar Hirsch 'Row' / Vonneumann 'tl;dl' / 'NorN' / P. O. P. 'Ikebana' / Alessandro Monti :: Unfolk Collective 'Intuitive Maps' / Ghost In The House 'Second Sight' / Deison / Mingle 'Tiliaventum' / Alan Sondheim / Azure Carter / Luke Damrosch 'Limit' / Hermetic Brotherhood Of Lux-Or 'Ethnographies Vol.III' / Fret 'Over Depth' / Tony Buck 'Unearth' / VipCancro 'Uno' / Szilàrd Mezei / Nicola Guazzaloca 'Lucca And Bologna Concerts' / A Sphere Of Simple Green 'With An Oblique Glance' / Massimo Olla 'Structures' / Audiac 'So Waltz' / Cummy Flu / Raz Ohara 'Y' / Adriano Zanni 'Soundtrack For Falling Trees' / 'Disappearing' / Maath 'Darkness, Void And Silence' / Oiseaux-Tempête 'Al-'An!' / Le Forbici Di Manitù 'GPS/GaPS' / Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Luciferian Towers' / Denseland 'Disco Dictionary' / MoE / Gerda 'Karaoke' / Sult / Lasse Marhaug 'Harpoon' / Giacomo Salis / Paolo Sanna Percussion Duo 'Live At Cavallerizza Irreale' / Sandro Mussida 'Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili' / Roots Magic 'Last Kind Words'

Hüsker Dü 'Savage Young Dü' / The Replacements 'For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986' / Midori Takada 'Through The Looking Glass' / Telaio Magnetico 'Live 75' / Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers 'The Furious Era 1979-!987' / Giovanni Venosta 'Olympic Signals' / Membranes 'Everyone's Going Triple Bad Acid, Yeah!' / Declino 'Terra Bruciata' / Scorn / Seefeel / Timothy Leary / Yanomami 'Ancient Lights And The Black Core' / Zo Skia / Coil 'Transparent' / Maurizio Marsico 'The Sunny Side Of The Dark Side'

Playlist 2017 Vittorio Lannutti

1b>. Cesare Basile: U fujutu su nesci chi fa? (Urtovox/Audioglobe)
2. Cheap Wine: Dreams (Autoprodotto/IRD)
3. CUT: Second skin (Area Pirata/Dischi Bervisti/Antipop)
4. The Fuzz Warr: Emporium & Overdose (Area Pirata)
5. The Gang: Calibro 77 (Rumble Beat)
6. Gazebo Penguins ‘Nebbia’ (To Lose La Track)
7. Inutili/Hallelujah! 'Split' (Aagoo/In the Shit)
8. Alessio Lega – Mare nero (Nota/Obst Und Gemüse)
9. Claudio Lolli ‘Il grande freddo’ (La Tempesta Dischi/Master Music)
10. Giovanni Succi ‘Con ghiaccio’ (La Tempesta)

1. Godspeed You! Black Emperor: Luciferian Towers (Constellation)
2. Thurston Moore: Rock’n’roll consciousness (Caroline International)
3. The Pop Group: Honeymoon on Mars (Freaks R US/K7/Audioglobe)
4. Pissed Jeans: Why love now (Sub Pop)
5. The Poison Arrows: No known note (File 13)
6. Lee Ranaldo: Electrim Trim (Mute)
7. Tamikrest: Kidal (Glitterbeat)
8. Tinariwen: Elwan (Coop/Wedge)
9. Traindodge ‘Time will never know your name’

1. C. Amendola: Il permesso 48 ore fuori
2. G. Amelio: La tenerezza
3. M. Bellocchio: Fai bei sogni
4. E. De Angelis: Indivisibili
5. I. De Matteo: La vita possibile
6. R. Faenza: La verità sta in cielo
7. A. Farhadi: Il cliente
8. J. Jarmusch: Gimme danger
9. K. Lonergan: Manchester by the sea
10. F. Mollo: Il padre d’Italia
11. M. Placido: 7 minuti
12. G. Ross: Free State of Jones
13. S. Sibilia: Smetto quando voglio Masterclass
14. P. Verhoeven: Elle
15. D. Vicari: Sole, cuore, amore

Playlist 2017 Sergio Eletto

Francesco Maria Narcisi & Giacomo Fidenza “The Accordion Sessions” (Time Release Sound 2017)
Lucia Ianniello “Maintenant” e “Live At Acuto Jazz” (Slam Records 2015 / 2017)
Baustelle “L’Amore e La Violenza” (Wrner Music Italia)
Petrolio “Di Cosa si Nasce” (Edison Box e altri)
FM Attack “Stellar” (Starfield Music / Uniform Recordings)
Flavio Giurato “Le Promesse del Mondo” (Entry edizioni musicali)
Ryuichi Sakamoto “Async” (Milan)
Arto Linday “Cuidado Madame” (P-Vine / Northen Spy)

Scoperto troppo tardi:
Max Ritcher “Vivaldi – The Four Seasons – Recomposed by Max Richter” (Deutsche Grammophon)

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