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Recensioni Kathodik

· Uzeda ‘Quocumque jeceris stabit’

· Robert Palmer ‘Piano music’

· FRIGO ‘Non importa’

· Craig Leon 'Anthology Of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 2: The Canon'

· Noriko Kodama ‘Abyss’

· Assalti Frontali ‘Conflitto/Terra di nessuno’

· Assalti Frontali ‘Terra di nessuno/Conflitto’

· Kina 'Troppo lontano e altre storie/Cercando...'

· Kina ‘Cercando…/Troppo lontano e altre storie’

· University Of South Dakota Chamber Singers ‘I Carry Your Heart’

· Eric Alexander ‘Leap of Faith’

· IKE ‘Construction Site’

· Paola Russo ‘Non è colpa mia’

· Arashi 'Jikan'

· Erik Griswold ‘Hollows Out of Time’

· Bartellow San Ground San 'Amanogawa'

· John Luther Adams ‘Become Desert’

· Arovane + Porya Hatami 'C.H.R.O.N.O.S)'

· Angelina Yershova 'CosmoTengri'

· Jon Heilbron 'Pieces For Chord Organs'

· Renaissance Men ‘Renmen Laments’

· Ensemble 0 ‘Elpmas (Moondog Revisited)’

· Oui! The North ‘Make an O with the Ass of the Glass’

· Brendan Collins ‘Great Southern Land’

· Gart Baxter ‘Resistance’

· Claudio Jacomucci ‘Orpheus’ Ballad’

· Hevreh Ensemble ‘A Path of Light’

· Hugo Race Fatalists ‘Taken by the dream’

· Martin Archer ‘Another Fantastic Individual (Collect)’

· Anthony Laguerre ‘Myotis’

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